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Perfect NES Controller Wallet no show

Refer to the second picture to see which ones are left standing.

The tools that you

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should need are: your favorite rotary tool mine is a GMC, but anything that can spin at variable speeds and use a grinding wheel, sanding drum, and

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small drill bits will work. Next is a razor blade, it really helps to remove excess pieces of plastic from the grinding/sanding Also along the lines of removing extra plastic is a small file, not really needed,

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but it helps to clean up rough edges.

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Needle nose pliers and wire cutters are very helpful, but not necessarily needed.

items not pictured (because I forgot):

A small phillips head screw driver. 2 post (not hanging or loopey) earrings with that you are willing to destroy. A small tube of super glue. A length of ribbon, about 3/4” wide and the length of the controller on the inside. And lastly some super tacky craft glue. Oh yeah, and a NES Controller.

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